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Are Luos Resisting Raila? See Their Latest Demands

A section of Luo Youth Council leaders are not amused with recent remarks by Raila Odinga including street Protests as one of the ways of coercing the Jubilee Government onto the tables of dialogue in what the NASA leader termed as the NASA strategic plans for 2018.

In moves seen as one of its own kind, the young leaders requested the NASA Principal to remove any forms of street protests from his plans, adding that they will not cooperate with him if he cannot make good of his promise to be sworn in as the People’s President.

Raila, on his New Year speech, said that they will unveil their strategic plans for new year within the first week of January. He added that among the activities lined up are peaceful protests.

“Within the first week of the New Year, we will unveil a programme for civil disobedience, peaceful protests, non-cooperation with and resistance to an illegitimate regime in addition to People’s Assemblies,” said Raila.

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Raila added that 2018 is the year of electoral justice and that the culture of shambolic predetermined polls must end.

However, this did not sit well with a section of youthful supporters who claimed that if he fears being sworn in, then he should retire from politics and forget about street protests, which affects the youths more than politicians economically. The youths observed that in the last protests, many young people offered themselves and died on the streets in faith that Raila would have been sworn in as was planned on Jamhuri Day.

“If Raila fears being sworn in because of death, then he should know we also fear going to the streets for the same reason,” said one of them.

The youths expressed their desire to move on with their personal lives adding that the incessant political calls and protests are stealing the most productive stages of their lifetime.

However, the Coalition in a statement said Raila was not sworn in because his Deputy Kalonzo Musyoka was outside the country attending to his ill-wife, and not for reason of cowardice as peddled by some Jubilee-sponsored propaganda.

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There have been calls from across the political divide for Raila to shelve his swearing in plans and allow the nation to heal from the protracted politics of 2017. Lwambi MP Bishop Titus Khamala of NASA Coalition criticized the move terming it as a sideshow.

Foreign envoys also have for long been critical of the move and instead urged the political leaders to give dialogue a chance and work together for the good of all Kenyans.


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