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After Quitting Citizen Tv, Joey Muthengi is moving in with Mariga.

Shortly after quitting popular Tv show 10Over10 last Friday, showbiz media young damsel Joey Muthengi has uncovered that she will center around her apparent sentimental association with global Kenyan footballer MacDonald Mariga. Indeed, even as faultfinders reason that her flight was catalyzed by her promoting job in BetIn, a gaming firm that is a competitor […]Continue Reading

What was Robert Alai Doing in State House?

Photo Courtesy of Standard Digital. Robert Alai is known for his counter Jubilee standards. He is a blogger who commands a huge following, gathering information through high intelligence and secretive connections. Every time he speaks, people do have different reactions across the political divide. Being a critic of the sitting president, Alai has finally never […]Continue Reading